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Amsterdam gloryhole

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Amsterdam gloryhole

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Amsterdam Antics!!! Posted on by Just glorhole from a fabulous 4 day jolly to Amsterdam!!! Pulling down my jeans I started masturbating while watching the porn film playing, there was a guy stood to amsyerdam right with his cock out!! I had hands ALL over my body, touching every inch of me!! Over the 2 day period in Le Salon I fucked a Lonely seeking real sex Damman few guys, sucked off a shed load of dick via the private viewing booths and via the wall of glory hole in the cinema!!!

Age: 42
Relationship Status: Newlyweds
Seeking: I Am Ready Men
City: Neosho, Owendale
Hair: Sexy
Relation Type: Younger Male Looking For A Women 50'S Or 60'S

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First time real amateur gloryhole amsterdam video 2

I checked in, electing for the least expensive room, which was a smoking room. All are welcomed. The movies usually suck though.

He arrives, and I again get in position, only for him starting position is on my knees - per his request. Until next adventure This includes a very small area with gloryholes.

Amsterdam hotels and places to stay

Sometimes, the simplest approach gets the best result. It is a bar with very picky dress code, but nice interior and atmosphere.

He lubes his dick and I feel the large head at my hole, and swiftly pops it in. This is the true story of how I started my journey down Cumdump Lane. I tried to keep going, but after three in such a short time, I finally went soft. They have two tv monitors, but they only show gay movies.

I began thrusting again slowly and after adding some more lube at their request began fucking for real again. The first room is a bar.

By Cheating-Cumdump I am just starting amsterram accept my inner Cumdump needs. The booths are deed for play. Anywhere you go, watch out for pickpockets or other thieves. I have several messages, but one stands out.

He put a rubber on and dove in. I think this is why i knew today was the day - most other days chatting lead to a flake or too many questions, or simply a fun pump and dump etc.

My 1st time at a glory hole in amsterdam

On my knees with my blindfold on, and in he comes and within seconds, his dick is in my face. There are three couple's clubs in amsterdam. It flies a rainbow flag out front but amsteream isn't just gay.

And he was gone. They moaned more and said they were going to cum. Rach xx.

I am ready sex

However it is a very nice club, not just a bar. I didn't last long and put a second load in. He fucked me good and came quick. I started my afternoon by messaging with a few guys before I actually checked into my motel. This also has a gangbang night for single guys, with more amateur ladies that show up for the fun than seen at Candyclub. I felt him get close to me The first floor is the straight theater and toilets.

So I amstterdam him the details and assume the position. It is a generally casual Mature swingers in New Hope Alabama, but also has a lot of pros rather than just swingers.

They wanted to jerk off so they flipped onto their back and I d fucking harder. Channeling my inner whore, I said of course and sent him a message that the coast was clear.

Suitable gloryholes with the girlfriend? - amsterdam forum

I pull down the blindfold and crack the door to find the guy from the past. The second floor is a gay theater which also has its own dark room and booths with gloryholes. They shot Drinks Hillsboro Oregon passion fast after I bred them a third time. We got naked and they got on their stomach. Hope that helps and starts the ball rolling for people. But today, I had guys amsteddam were into anonymous vloryhole period.

Despite only one actual load being in my ass, I did just have 4 different guys gloryhol me, all with above average to big sized dicks, plus my large plug from earlier, so my ass was sloppy and loose and soaked from the churning of the cum, ass juice, lube and sweat. Back to the guy who I had fucked in the past, I guess I got his interest because he was in.

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He dressed, smacked my ass and said thanks babe. The booths have multiple channels which are all free, and play all genres of porn. They started jerking off again and this time I came first. They are mirrored so you can watch the movies playing on a monitor above and behind your seat, as well as watch what the other people are doing in amsterdqm booth next to you.

There are benches in the theater, and holes in the wall next to the benches. There are towels all over the place outside the booths to clean off with. I put my cock in and started fucking them rough and hard like they enjoy.

They moaned and ground on my face and then started begging me to fuck them. Sameplace- This club is just outside the center forget the street name but you can google it.

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There are two without gloryholes which I'll ignore since I also can't remember their names. I went in tongue first I have a really long tongue and began fucking their hole deep with my tongue. I laid there in ecstasy thinking about what just happened and was ready for more.