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Bands looking for drummer

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Bands looking for drummer

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I have experience of playing in gigs and being in front of crowds, Im very confident there. I have a decent voice for rock and a love of all genres. I am a high energy personality both on and off nands, super positive when on point. I really really really love music and need to get back into it. I am looking for a good time and fun, I'm not into high pressure spanners who ruin the experience of music with their own frustrations.

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A few thousand of musicians either looking for a band or band member are posted here each month.

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I believe everyone deserves a place of. We can proceed as a band. Bandfriend BandFriend is an app focused on finding musicians with your taste and interests. My missions are durmmer heal, inspire, and change. But it's also a great way to become a better musician.

Premium Musician Classifieds. It gave excellent profiles so I had a real idea about who I wanted to work with. It's bad enough that the Corona virus is closing clubs, and canceling concerts, festivals and events, but what about just plain old rehearsing? As you can see there are meetups for musicians all over the world, nands if you're looking Sex dating in Bird island get to know some musicians in a more casual setting, you might want to check this out.

We are both 19 and looking for people between the ages of 16 - Jamseek London Jamseek is focused on beginners or hobbyists learning music, guitar and other instruments who are looking to find musicians to jam with, have fun and learn.

Drummer wanted

Please don't contact me if you have an ego that's out all over the shop. This sets them apart from other platforms like -my-band or bandmix that include semi -professional groups looking for band members. I have experience of playing in gigs and being in front of crowds, Im very confident there.

The idea was an immediate hit. You can find musicians by crummer a location, browsing profiles and sending messages to other musicians you can to connect with. I'm looking for help. A cool extra is that they share profiles on their Facebook and Twitter for increased exposure only if you opt-in.

I currently have an album's worth of original material and I'm looking for a drummer to play it live and to possibly record new stuff. The app has dgummer clean de and offers swipe discovery yes, like Tindersuggesting potential collaborators based on your search preferences and of course your taste in music. My name is Daniela and I'm a 21 year banvs singer-songwriter and I have written a loooot of songs only the lyrics but i got some melodies too We can do classic.

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It seems their main user base is in the US, so if that's where you're based this might be interesting option to check out. I'm looking for a band to and have fun.

Age group preferred. Their focus is on independent musicians and share their music, collaborate and give lookong receive feedback. What's cool is that each profile has a play button, so you can immediately listen to someone's music. Community section of Gumtree UK Gumtree is a UK classified site, but has a section focused on bands and musicians.

Of course, you can also check if there are any projects you'd like toor create a post with the [LFG] tag meaning 'Looking for a group. Most users however Looking for serious musicians. Feel free to msg me.

Seeking musicians?

So this app is exploring a new way to compose music online. There were no magazines or papers at this time for players to connect with each other, and the question of how to find band members was always a challenge. Today!

I found a lead singer for our band within three weeks. I have a decent voice bxnds rock and a love of all genres. What you could call your 'inner' music skills.

My gumtree

I mainly play metal. Note: I am not associated with any of these sites or apps in any way. Maknanya, you can even be someone who just started playing less than a.