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Boys wanking stories

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Boys wanking stories

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Author: Tom Pickford I wasn't particularly horny that morning unusual for me.

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D would always come over to play and if the weather was bad we would end up finding shelter in the barn.

I could only get in about half way before he got too tight, but after a few wankinng thrusts, he was loose enough that my pubes were brushing his arse on every stroke. I loved the chlorine smell of fresh cum. We did all those things you do when you start messing around with people - watching each other wank, and then moving to playing with each others' dicks. I was worried that we were making too much noise, but fortunately it didn't last long, as we both came quickly. You could feel the shuddering and involuntary jerking begin in both of us as we approached orgasm.

Chapter 2 After my first experience with James, I was eager for more, but it was to be two weeks before I once more had the opportunity to play with the gorgeous blonde first year. Unnoticed, David had recovered, and got up to stroke my dick. There wasn't enough of him to bob my head up and down, so instead I just sucked all the harder and swirled my tongue around his head, atories pleasuring him a great deal as he pushed harder forward, almost forcing his scrotum into my mouth.

All the time, the boy simply stood looking down at what I was doing, his hands holding the shirt and tie of his uniform out of the way.

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But when my mum returned from the supermarket in her car, she had a little present for me, though she certainly would not have realised how important it was. The phone call was quickly made, James making me wan,ing when he made the universal hand motions to suggest that his mum wouldn't shut up. We lived in a rural agricultural village, our neighbours had three sons.

It was the end of the lunch break, and we hurried back to lessons. He had dark brown hair and darkened skin, and I remembered hearing once that his mother was Portuguese, so I assumed this was where his characteristics bos come from. I began to suck in earnest, savouring the taste which I wznking still remember to this day, a mix of sweat and urine, which somehow tasted amazing at that point.

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The feeling was so intense that I came at the thought of what had happened, the semen dribbling out of my dick onto my belly. I actually came before James did, my cum oozing out of my unretracted foreskin and over his foot. I sucked hard and was rewarded with a sharp gasp from James, who immediately came, his anal contractions setting of Paul's massive orgasm. I masturbated as I watched them in their lust, James leaning back against Paul's chest, his eyes closed and mouth open in pure pleasure as he rode up and down, his tiny hard-on and tight ball sack bouncing in time with the six-inch intrusion into his ass.

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James and I flopped down side by side, leaning against one another and panting slightly from the exertion in the summer heat. Matt got the idea quickly, and before long he was pumping in and out of James' arse wtories, building both of them to a stunning climax.

The clearing was an old golf course green, which had been planted around with a thick brush of short bushes to remove it from the course. Over the next wqnking weeks I experimented with technique, masturbated with other boys and gave and received my wtories hand job with another boy. His middle finger went straight into me without resistance, my positioning having opened up my hole more than enough to accept his thin boyish fingers. I celebrated my achievement by pulling down the sheets and making a flagrant display of wanking my wwnking little cock exhibitionist style while they both watched.

Pubic hair around 9 or 10 Have you ever had wet dreams - if so, how often? N always wanted to compare cock length as an opening gambit and would say.

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I sighed and storiees back, and he came with me, resting his head on my shoulder. I tried to wipe it all up before it stained the bedclothes and left traces. We always just wore cotton shorts and tee shirts. I kept stroking and tugging for ages, involuntarily going faster as the pleasure grew and my penis got stiffer and stiffer. He was uncut, for which I said a silent thanks to the creator, and had a tiny tuft of very fine, soft, dirty-blonde pubic hair at the base of stofies dick.

He was a gorgeous young boy, with short spiky blonde hair and the wankingg of tan that lets you know his family were well enough off that they could afford to holiday abroad more than once a year. My dick was squeezed between the small of his back and my stomach, and with our slight movements, smeared my slimy Kaneohe sex historical on both our bodies.

Now there were three neighbour brothers.

Now I was horny. He started to pump and got up quite a pace quickly, which bought about something I had not felt before when we had done this - maybe I'd not noticed his dick growing, but now every time his balls hit my arse, the sharp little head of his rock hard dick hit my prostate.

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Quietly as I could, I said, "I've missed you. He was inexperienced, so it didn't take long for him to start cumming, and he pumped several hot bursts of semen into my mouth. I mean, absolutely Lady seeking sex Chriesman. This was one of those humid days, and you could feel the storm coming wankign, but we stoeies to have fun while we could, anyway.

As I left the toilets, I called out to the lone wanker, "hope you enjoyed your wank! When we got to the hotel, Paul and I managed to get put into the same room again, and dumped our bags on the bed to have a look around.

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Despite the fact I was older my cock storiess always the smaller. James reached round behind him to grab my boxers from the foot of the bed, cleaning me off before he chucked them onto the floor. I shave twice a week - My pubic hair is 4 and a half inches long. My foreskin, which is quite long, still covered the head of my penis, and was Reno nv meeting sex worker back over it as I slowly lowered the 11 year old onto my shaft.

It was because of this that I got into storiee biking, and I loved to disappear into the woods that surrounded the village to spend the days finding new and exciting trails.

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Matt was ushered in, and Paul indicated that I should introduce him to the pleasures we enjoyed, as he preferred mostly preteen boys. Instead, he became the small boy that everyone expected him to be, and that he appeared when not engaged in some sort of sexual activity. He was halfway out the door when he turned back to me, grinning again. It was parked outside the Jonhstones' old house.

I had intended to go back to wanking him once he was wet, but his reaction to my tonguing was instant, pushing his hips forward into my face. James smiled broadly and gave me a peck on the cheek, before leaning into me once more, hugging my arm around himself. James talked Matt through it, as the teenager knelt between my legs, holding my dick with both hands and putting the head in his mouth.

Is that ok? He gasped and shuddered slightly, and it was clear he really needed it when he started pumping in and out immediately, not giving me any time to lavish attention on the hard rod poking into my mouth. I had no choice but to take his whole penis into my mouth. I got him to fish the lube out of my jacket, and lean forward so that I could loosen him up.