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Grange hill nude

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Annette comes in happy with a new Polaroid camera and shows off about nufe much money her mum gives her. Janet nags Roland incessantly trying to find out more about his missing mother. Annette is so upset about her missing camera that Julie relents and gives it back but Annette reacts violently.

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Were there any storylines you would have liked njde have covered as Claire? In OctoberTerry was sadly found dead at his London home, aged 50, following a battle with alocholism. In this exclusive interview, Paula Ann Bland talks about life at Grange Hill and the happy memories it evokes. If anything my sadness comes from the powers that grangge not really respecting the show, the cast and the fans.

McClaren gets Roly to borrow a saw from metalwork and steal Annette's bike.

Grange hill cast nude

Miss Gordon's has a nude life model planned for the art class, but Mrs McClusky might take some convincing. I had coffee with Mark Baxter Duane last week. By the time he left Grange Hill six years later, Roland was able to stand up for himself and had developed a talent for foreign languages. My mum took me to a dance class and I loved it. It is an achievement, not a bad thing.

Diane's mum finds letters apparently from Mark, and is convinced Diane's up to no good, and forbids her to see Mark any more.

We all got on really well. After leaving the school drama inhe went on to act in two series of Chef! That would have been amazing to do.

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Either that or banished to a dark room! We started with the clothes and she was quite fashion conscious and chic. They thought little Johnny was going off to some sort of Victorian school and really it was all having a fag behind the bike sheds and snogging in the broom cupboard!

Roland seems to be doing rather better at Orienteering than Mr Baxter. Grange Hill was a very secure environment where were all in the same boat. It was a strange thing; we were totally aware we were on TV and filming, but we really were a little family.

After all, what are friends for? It was a bit of a dream come true, really. Todd has been with his childhood sweetheart Dina Clarkin sinceand they have gragne sons James and Thomas. The gym teacher also has noticed them and asks Annette about it privately, but she just claims she fell.

Paula ann bland & julie graham

I definitely wanted and needed to have the break. I went from drama school to a convent school; my mum and dad decided I should do that for my O-Levels.

Fay and Julie ask her about the bruises after the gym teacher leaves, the truth emerges as Annette explains that her mum hits her sometimes, when she is depressed. My favourite episode by far Wives wants sex tonight Bangs when we filmed the United Nations episode in Regents Park. Grange Hill was so forward thinking and the script writers took so many chances, but in order to make it realistic, they did pitch it to all walks of life; not necessarily drama trained or stage school.

She's a mother-of-two and is also an ambassador for the Good Grief Trust.

Claire scott ()

Actor John Holmes left the show to complete his education and studied at the University of East Anglia, where he ndue became hlil of the Student Union for several years. Actor John Alford played happy go lucky Robbie Wright between and But his fortunes turned when he was written out after being caught in a drugs sting. Alix and her boyfriend, Xander Corvus, hope to convince Peta to lose her virginity to them.

This whole thing of coming down to earth with a bang; coping with life outside that little Grange Hill family and when it all ends, where do you fit in?

As evening turns into night, things are looking awful but then Roland's whistle is heard. For me it would be wonderful just to receive a great script and get totally immersed hill that character. Yes we did. They manage to talk Mrs McClusky round, but just for the art club.

Where are the cast of grange hill now?

Back at camp, there's growing concern at the missing pair, hjll a search party commences. After a heart-to-heart, Diane hands back the borrowed ring.

Mr Baxter goes to hospital for an x-ray and Roland is given a hero's welcome back at the hostel. Big titsBlondeBrunettehdzog.

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During the '90s she turned her back on acting and opened shoe shops called Paola in Knightsbridge and Chelsea before starting her own PR company. I would be nice to do something that I find fulfilling. She was diagnosed with breast cancer and following a mastectomy was given the all-clear. Alison Bettles Fay was at my wedding and vice versa. We got to wear nice clothes as well; we were out of uniform. Why do you think Grange Hill was so popular?

For the fans it must be very odd to see us all as adults! He also runs a locksmith business in Wallington, Surrey.

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The pair left the show in the early s just four years after ing but remained grannge throughout their careers. So it was my love of dancing that lead to doing shows; and that was all I wanted to do. She also enjoyed a romance with Stewpot, before discovering he was seeing Annette Firman behind her back.