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Heaven and hell door riddle

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Heaven and hell door riddle

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Flair your question after you've submitted it. The man is amd truth-teller and the good door is neaven the right. It is not Beautiful couple looking casual encounter MA repository for any question you may have. Each door has a guardian. He tipped his hat and drew his coat. Please write comments if you find anything incorrect, or you want to share more information about the topic discussed above.

Submissions that match or echo similar sentiments to ideas offered by other people will be removed, regardless of whether or not those ideas have appeared on Reddit. This question will work for both of them because if you ask this question to the truth guy, he will point the hell because he knows that his brother will point hell and if you asked to the liar, he'll still point hell because he knows that his brother will point to heaven door, so he lied.

You should ask: "If I asked you if the good door is on the left, would you say yes? Explaintation: If you end up asking the question to the truthful one, he will speak the truth and he knows that other guard is going to lie so he will show the way to the heaven.

Please read the FAQ before messaging the moderators. In front of them, there were haven brothers, which is guarding the door. Similar to the example, he'll say "no".

Answer: heaven and hell/angel and devil riddle explained!

The man is a liar and the good door is on the left. Show Answer Answer: Go up to one of the guy and ask this question, " Hello, which door that your brother will point if I ask him which way is the heaven. No "life pro-tips" or advice. You are allowed to ask the man ONE yes-or-no question to figure out which door to go through. To make things more difficult, the man is very self-centered, so you are only allowed to ask him a question about what he thinks or knows; your question cannot involve what any other person or object real or hypothetical might say.

Don't post to argue a point of view.

Riddles for adults

What is the question? Of course you don't know who is lying and who is not. Two gatekeepers, one for each gate. For an explanation of what a showerthought actually is and is notplease read this. Don't enter the door that he was pointing. In front of the door is ONE man. LI5 means friendly, simplified and layperson-accessible explanations - not responses aimed at literal five-year-olds.

No posts about Reddit or its functions. You should also consider looking for your question in the FAQ. Don't be a jerk. One of the doors le to a life of prosperity and happiness, and the other door le to a life of misery and sorrow. Behind the 1 door, is hell and behind the other door, is heaven but you don't know which door will take you to heaven.

The four possible cases are: The man is a truth-teller and the good door is on the left. If you like GeeksforGeeks and would like to contribute, you can Swingers Personals in Wiggins write an article using contribute.

If you ask the honest guardian, they will tell you the truth hfaven say that the other guardian will point you the door to hell. Are you after more riddles?

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I met a man on my way to St Ivory. You only ask 1 question to any of them and no more.

The man is a liar and the good door is on the right. All posts must be showerthoughts.


I told you his name already. One of them always tells the truth and the other one always lies. He will say "yes" because if you asked him "Is the good door on the left? How do you do that?

Riddles for teens

You only get 1 question to ask one of them to figure out which door le to heaven. So regardless of whether the man is Wives seeking real sex Cabool truth-teller or a liar, this question will get a "yes" if the door on the left is the good door, and a "no" if it's not. Blatant reposting and plagiarism may result in a ban. The man knows which door is which. Perform a keyword search, you may find good explanations in past thre.

You are allowed only one question and anr need to find anv the gate to heaven.

Heaven or hell puzzle

Category filters. Your entire thought must be in the title. He will say "yes". Rules 1. Thoughts pertaining to or mentioning Reddit are not allowed.

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Thus you are asking a question about a question, and if it ends up being the liar ridddle are talking to, this will cause him to lie about a lie and thus tell the truth. One of the brother always lie and the other one always tell the truth.

What question should you ask to ensure you go through the good door? Remember you only get to ask 1 question.