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I love him too much

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I love him too much

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Everyone seems to be looking for it. Most literature, film and music have a common theme, of romance, passion and love. But is it possible to feel too much of a good thing? Can you love him too much? The truth is you can never love too much.

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But from over here, it looks like he was looking for someone to replace his mama and he got it. Putting him on a pedestal and looking down on yourself Many women put men on a pedestal because they often feel if they treat him like hkm king he will never leave.

Muc the second possibility is that your fears are based on your fear of abandonment and self-esteem issues. Men know this; and some of them take advantage of it. But while it is OK to treat him like a king, ensure that you too are being treated as a queen in return.

If you are in love, work towards a balance. Relationships can bring out the best and worst in us.

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Sure, you may believe it is easier just to let him think he's won, but he can't be that perfect! That is loving him on Mature much older female wanted whole other level. This is the wrong way to approach love and your idea of love requires some pretty serious internal investigation.

But texting, talking and social media ttoo also be a mufh control or stalk someone else. This is not to say you should not get intimate because hell yeah you should if you are ready, physically and mentally -getting physical is vital for many relationships and the saving grace for others. Are you calling or texting because you are afraid of what he might have been doing?

And what are others doing for you? Accusations, regular emotional outbursts and constant suspicion are not the stuff that love is made of. And you'd better too, honey.

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Romance, sex and friendship are all involved. This boy better get his stuff together.

Punishment is not the opposite of love, it shows that you love, actually. It works both ways. But the world is hik always perfect.

Whatever floats your boat; whatever turns you on. Believe it or not, this only makes you a slave to love. Each partner needs time and space to grow, both together and apart. Tell yourself what you mych, tell yourself that your love is bigger than anything, bigger than his cheating, but forgiving is one thing and being taken advantage of is another. Love is giving and kindness.

Love can hm something tender and sweet if we let it be, but it surely does not have to be pain and hurt or even deception. Pay attention, the nose knows. Normal life experience include broken hearts, breakups, heartaches, etc. Have an honest look at things. You feel you will kill yourself if he decides to leave you When he threatens to leave, you feel as if you cannot survive without him and that the only way to end the pain is to commit suicide, hurt the other woman he may be involved with, or hurt him.

Comment below! what do you think?

What about loving yourself? The truth is you can never love too much.

Remember that no one else can make you happy. Love is not about smothering. You love him too much because no one taught you about how you should be loved. If they are cheating, this may not be the relationship you want.

Our olfactory sense can pick up on these messages and tell us whether or not this nuch be a good partner for us. Now you can read the Jamaica Observer ePaper anytime, anywhere.

Relationships are about reciprocation and compromise. And they are very insecure about any separation in the relationship.

Well, to each their own. Love is encouraging.

No one handles how someone else feels. If they feel they are not allowed to go anywhere without you, they may grow to resent you as well.

You are always the one apologising No matter what he does or how he has wronged you, you are always the one apologising and tlo never says 'I'm sorry' to you. The goal is to love each other for as long as possible. So what are some of the s that you love someone too much? If these things do not surround you, you are in the wrong relationship.

Do you love him too much? or is it something else disguised as “love”?

And they may feel that way too. No one else can make you happy either. Please, see a professional should this sort of stuff be happening in your life.