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Lingam massage sussex

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Lingam massage sussex

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I took the plunge and booked in for a Healing Tantric Massage. Yes, I was going to be suussex about 90 minutes butt naked receiving a full body tantric massage from a woman, that includes my yoni. AKA Fanny. I really must think up a more exotic name for her… How was I feeling about this? I read and re-read the on Sacred Tantric Touch and reminded myself that Michelle does this for a living and all I have to do is lie linga and remember to breathe.

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Rose, thank you so much for an amazing introduction to Tantra. I offer an authentic tantric massage for men, women and couples which can help to fight stress, depression, to release blockades, traumas and to bring more joy in your life.

Having never had Tantric Massage before I contacted Rose for an appointment. Deep Tissue Massage — eussex massage with firmer pressure that works deeply into the muscles and connective tissues to release chronic aches and pains. Tears that I tried to keep silent and a snot bubble to accompany them, ran down my face. Being naked means that I am on the same level like you.

I have found a new found freedom in my sexuality and I love it. It was a truly amazing experience. You have extraordinary skills in being able to transmit those connections, a totally breathtaking sensation.


Once your true senses have been awakened, The Goddess Michelle the following teasing will really set you off. Tantric Massage for Women Be pampered and empowered and realise the Goddess power within, with msasage tantric massage. Michelle got me to breathe and whoosh — it was out. Neuromuscular Therapy Susssx Massage — this treatment applies pressure to specific points in the muscles that are painfully irritated trigger points to stop the spasms and pain and restoring structural integrity to the muscle.

Your touch is magical and you look wonderful. It is possible to include a prostate massage for men.

The feeling of 4 hands together performing the massage is a totally different and very enjoyable sensationally intimate experience, with both of them working in exact tandem. Michelle cradled the back of my head and covered me initially with a towel, asking me to take three deep breaths again to help me relax.

I swallowed it down as usual. The whole purpose is to give you pleasure rather than making you have an orgasm. But I have met you now and you truly have helped me come to realise my power within thank you.

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Please let me know beforehand. Tantric massage was a way of using sexual energy in India for enlightenment. But it is possible holding each other in certain parts of the massage.

I now have a new job and outlook on life. A Mwssage Space Lit with candles, it was nice and cosy with beautiful things to let my gaze rest on. Your touch is out of this world, so magical and I love the music. I can forget the world and relax, you have a regular. I did not want to explore further today and Michelle had picked up on sussx without me needing to say a thing.

I decided to go again. The tantric teasing will really set you off.

Tantra client testimonials

The tantra massage can give you a new insight in your sexuality, to feel your sex connecting with your heart. It can be healing and cleansing to let it all go what is hidden deep inside you. The photo does not do you justice.

I am still in a trance and cannot wait to arrange a second visit. I will create for you a trustful intimate and safe space, where all upcoming emotions are welcome. Sussxe Rose, I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful experience with you yesterday; it was 2 hours of complete bliss. While others are looking for healing, and others are looking for spiritual meaning and mysticism. Swinger granny in Henpitamulla more on tantric massage to book an appointment call me visit my web www.

Hi Rose.

So, i umm, had a tantric massage

Thank you. She massaged every part of me; my back, neck, head, arms, butt and legs finishing that part of the massage by resting her body against mine in a loving embrace for a few moments, breathing with me.

Thank you for introducing me to the delights of Tantra. So I went back to the massave, we chatted for a minute or two and then she invited me into her treatment room which immediately made me feel calmer.

This is what happened

Tantric tease massage awakens the senses. Be well. She then left the room to allow me sjssex to undress she remains fully clothed and lie face down, jassage my butt with a towel. What is Tantric massage Tantric massage is just over 8 thousand years old, originating from India by Lord Shiva. Michelle was tuned into me and knew I was too much in my head for much more than the delicious, relaxing strokes she was giving me.

All i had to do was be silent, be sensuous & listen.

Wish I had met you years ago now. I felt able to release it in this safe space.

It made me realise just how disconnected I am at the moment. Thank you Rose for a truly amazing and thrilling experience.

Tantra Session for Couples Discover heightened pleasure for you both with the ancient art of Tantra. You really put me at ease thank you. I was a bit apprehensive at first but you really helped me find the Goddess power within.