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Low maintenance woman

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Low maintenance woman

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She can be a nightmare if you don't like waiting around for other peopleor a blessing if you enjoy tending to someone's every need. But low-maintenance women?

Age: 19
Relationship Status: Dowager
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City: Bryant Pond, Doland, Ekalaka, Lexington
Hair: Black
Relation Type: Are You Married But Needing A Discrete Escape?

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We attract the good guys and repel the douchebags. In her free time, you can find her obsessing about cats, wine, and all things Vanderpump Rules. She'll also definitely pat herself on the back for giving herself such a dope manicure even though she knows she did literally nothing.

10 things every man should know before loving a low-maintenance woman

Ask someone else. She can easily take a quick trip to the store or coffee shop, no problem. She appreciates the thought you put into a gift, not the monetary value behind it. Since she's not always checking herself out in the mirror, she'll probably have smudged eyeliner on one eye, lipstick on miantenance of her front teeth, or something in her nose a good portion of the time.

14 things you should know before dating a low-maintenance girl

They maintejance drama free, and any low-key guy can appreciate that. Our confidence makes us sexy and we know it. She already has a feeling she has shit on her face.

There will definitely be plenty of room for your stuff in her practically empty shower. There's this misconception that low-maintenance women don't need compliments ever because they're too chill to want to be appreciated but everyone wants to feel appreciated. Yes, she has room for your half-empty bottle of Pert Plus. Order in Chinese and watch a romantic comedy on Netflix.

Yeah, those things are nice, but not as nice as you helping her make dinner, cleaning the dishes when she's too tired to, and doing her laundry with yours because you know she hates doing it.

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Makeup doesn't even rank in the top 20 on her list of priorities. Even if the compliment is just, "I know you don't need to hear it, but you're stupidly gorgeous," that will last her for, like, five days.

If you ask her about a fancy deer, she'll probably maintenancf stare at you like you're asking the person behind her. If her makeup smudges, it doesn't really matter; she'll end up wiping it off anyway. Low-maintenance girls are drama free, don't crave attention and don't expect to be put on a pedestal.

We see people from the inside out. We may earn commission from links on thisbut we only recommend products we love. If she could have a closet full of lkw she never had to try on again ever, she would choose this option so fast, so please just come with her and know that if one of you has a nervous breakdown due to maintennce in some dumb mall, it will definitely be her.

2. drama isn't in her vocabulary.

That's probably faster than YOU take to get ready. While some women fish for compliments to make themselves feel better, we hold our he up with the ultimate confidence.

Seriously, she's the rarest gem, and here's why: 1. Not once. She will have something on her face 20 percent of the time.

Drama isn't in her vocabulary. Maybe she owns some nice jeans and blouses, but you'll probably find her in sweatpantsleggings, or flowing dresses that don't take long to put on. Wear the gray T-shirt womzn the gray T-shirt that has white flecks in it, but just pick one. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at piano. Just "beer.

1. she prefers spending the night in, rather than a night on the town.

This is not the kind of girl who steals other people's spotlight. We can go to a bar in jeans and a t-shirt and still feel cute. She may be low-maintenance, but she's not a fool.

If maintenancee asks you to go with her to the mall, rest assured the Horney girls Kerrville will take an hour max and that she hates it more than you do. Her toiletries are all store brand, not top-shelf. She doesn't need all eyes on her, just yours. We can sleep in because it only takes us minutes to get ready in the morning. But low-maintenance women?

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Just … :. Sweatpants and baggy shirts are essential. Getting her a diamond necklace is waaaay too over-the-top. Being with her is a piece of cake.

While she appreciates an occasional night out with her girlfriends, she'd maihtenance rather do something low-key. Just because she's low-maintenance doesn't means she doesn't want you to treat her like a majestic sweatpants princess once in a while. She's never regretted staying in and doing nothing while eating snacks.