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Our first time at a swingers club

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Our first time at a swingers club

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Share post Spread the love When Teseo and I started dating I did not have a slightest clue that swinging would be part of the package. Well, all I can say on that, is that he did not have to look for long.

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Maybe we would? With some exceptions oour to themit is without doubt that the overall visual style of swinger clubs is something they could work on.

After that, the four of us sort of chatted while enjoying our cocktails, and somehow migrated our way toward the back of the club where we got to watch a woman get hooked to a giant St. They were knowledgeable, practiced, and well-versed in what it takes to offer a safe, sexy environment. We arrived at the club and swingefs first impression of the interior was not very encouraging.

My first time at a swinger party: expectations and reality

And it made us feel a lot more at ease. Post Watermelon Margaritas Next Post Episode Discovering Your Lifestyle Tribe Our Creed We intend for our message to resonate with those having similar life experience and values who are either in or potentially entering the lifestyle.

In the beginning I had this fear that I would show up at a party and run into someone I know, like a colleague from work or that awkward neighbour who I suspect to be a serial killer. I timf not have any swinger friends or acquaintances at least that I knew of. Thinking of it now, good he did not propose to me then to plot a murder together, god knows where that would have ended up… But, cljb we were, decided to check out a party which was about one hour drive from us.

I was also pretty clear with myself on how far this could actually go. Pretty soon the four of us were on our way to the club in an Uber.

First time at a swinger club

What experiences would we be expected to participate in? And terrifying.

Some were much larger and ornate. They asked if we might like to also them at a lifestyle club where they are members. Maybe you like it and decide to explore further.

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OK, we would. What goes on at a club?

In fact, I was appalled x all the kitsch and pink and gold and an overall complete absence of taste in interior de. But, for what I gathered, for many people most of the time, there is very little action, if any at all.

What should we wear? No sense drawing undue attention on what might be an awkward initiation.

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Hot tubs and saunas are much better for starting a conversation with strangers than swingres dancefloor or a bar. Still, this has so far not happened to me but if it does, I will happily report here on how it went.

Lots of different types of people were in attendance — various ages, races, and body types. A pretty solid practice, if you ask us.

For our part, we started the evening post tour bellied up to the swigners for a little nip of Liquid Courage. What kind of people would be there?

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After the invitation, we had about six weeks to plan for and worry about our first lifestyle club experience with shotgun willies. Finding some kindred spirits before your first timeeither if you go as a single or a couple, is always a good advice. They were clearly there to do a job and make sure everyone had a good time in a safe environment.

The night we met up with our new friends, dinner was fun but went fast.

How may i help you?

At that stage of our relationship, barely knowing each other, this was admittedly a little bit of a gamble, but I guess my sixth sense did not fail me this time. A ag eye will notice that, at a swinger party, many people already know each other and they tend to hang out together.

I simply trusted the guy and thought to myself, what is the worst that can happen? Just as our swinngers had told us, at check-in we were asked to show photo ID and were each given a wristband to wear.

A couple were geared toward BDSM practices. Some were quite small, sweet and simple. Well, sure.

I was mostly curious about who the people were, what the atmosphere was like and how things happen when they do. This particular club did allow single men and there was one brief incident between the Mrs. Which makes it like pretty much any other party.