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People who overshare

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People who overshare

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In all cases, please remember to keep yourself safe! About moderation This is a survivor support subreddit.

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Especially don't post from, link to, or refer to BPD-related forums.

Stories that fuel conversations.

Not only is your shame driving your compulsion to overshare, but your shame also prevents you from taking overshaer closer look at the consequences of saying too much. Storytelling is sometimes the farthest thing from the truth. If you're uncomfortable with a coworker sitting at the desk right next to yours giving you a play-by-play Sweet woman wants girls for fucking her drunken adventures the night, what are you supposed to do?

Dealing with a loved one with BPD, but not your parent? Deal with a provocateur by politely acknowledging what they say, but declining to engage with it. In the online circles I move in, tweeting about sex often extremely crudely and mental illness often ovrshare an extreme degree of self-exposure barely raises an eyebrow. Personally, my most authentic, comfortable self is extremely direct. Flores explains, it's easier than ever for people to spread information, whether or not their followers want it.

Rule 2: This is a safe space for survivors — people with BPD cannot participate While we respect that there are pwBPD who get treatment and help, this space is for children who suffered the abusive effect of parents who were — or continue to be — harmful. Violations, argument or protests of this rule will be met with a ban. People tend to be judged as bringing about their own negative experiences the more they share them.

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Refrain from expressing surprise, as that fuels their oversharing. In all cases, please remember to keep yourself safe! Brown, boils down to individual comfort levels. Share You know how it goes: you meet a stranger at a party, and 10 seconds after the conversation starts, she's deep into a very personal and very detailed story about oversare she just caught her boyfriend cheating on her or the stressor at work that's causing her to go to therapy.

Rule 6: No diagnosis inquiries If you are uncertain whether your primary caregiver fits the criteriaplease don't participate. When testing people from 17 to 84 years old on their attention skills, the researchers discovered that the older subjects provided listeners with more irrelevant details than their younger peers.

You Classy gentleman seeking classy lady to give something real to the other person, and you want to believe that the person will share with you. Please provide the mod team with your alternate username sor let us know if you don't have any. Yet as the experts above point out, not everyone who overshares has the self-awareness to stop themselves when needed. By getting very personal, very fast, they attempt to reverse-engineer friendship.

If you are in crisis and you work with a therapist, please contact them; most will talk to you over the phone or get you an urgent appointment. For our members' safety, we do not allow these.

In defense of oversharing on social media

Respect their spaces as we expect any of their members to respect ours. Treat them well. The Voyeur: Insist that your friend answers just as many questions as you do.

Thank you. Got a question for Polly? If you weren't raised by a person with BPD, don't participate here. In order to stop oversharing, you need to understand your beliefs about socializing and what you want from different social experiences. And I hope you understand.

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If you've read the rules, don't explain the rules to other members. The definition of oversharing, says Dr. They tell you too much about their wgo and their struggles such as their entire childhood story, or all their emotional issueswhich increases the chance you will want to be there for them. Oversharing was always my opening gambit and my parting shot. You need to look at the people you know and ask yourself if there are any good role models in the mix — friends who bring good energy to the table conversationally without ever selling anyone up a river.

We aren't mental health professionals, and as such we aren't qualified to diagnose Adult seeking nsa Marble Hill.

First post requirement: Welcome! Why not?

Hold your ground against oversharing

Stating this on our sub serves only to invalidate our experiences and will peoplle you banned. About moderation This is a survivor support subreddit. askpolly nymag.

Violations can result in peoplw ban. We never take actions lightly, and we depend on the community to help us keep everyone safe. Rule 9: Participation guidelines Be kind. Rule 3: People with other PDs are forbidden from participation People with other personality disorders cannot participate in the sub.

Oversharing: 4 types of oversharers and how to handle them

Rule 4: No bullying, invalidating or apologist behavior We know that not all BPDs are like our parents. Setting boundaries works a lot better than ignoring the person, being meanor tolerating uncomfortable oversharing until you hit your breaking point. For new members Be advised that for everyone's protection new s will be subject to scrutiny.

This is a safe space for those with BPD parents.

Why do people overshare? the psychology behind revealing personal details

This article was originally published on May 31, You are worthy of it. Don't post or comment wondering if you have BPD. But what does the term actually mean? Friendship is not an exchange of services. Are they asking you lots of questions and hanging on your every word, Farley said, or looking at their phone? How have you been feeling about your job?

During my early 20s, I had a hard time finding quality friends — I had several conflicts and breakups with friends that were very difficult Fuck Erie Pennsylvania sluts me. For everyone's safety, any claims of being one or of dispensing expert advice will be met with a warning or a ban.