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Seduced stories

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It was a hard day at work. I came home late expecting dinner to be ready. Instead, on the kitchen counter was a note tsories my wife, November. I will make love to you all night. I had never known November to act so sensual, and I was eager for what she had in store for me in upstairs. I quickly ate the sandwich and went upstairs.

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I present a challenge, and must meet a woman of power who will face that challenge in full.

What would you do if your boyfriend asked you to seduce another man?

That can make a girl feel pretty amazing, and it was like Chris didn't even exist. Her bright blue eyes held mine. She gave him a beaming nod; he took the cue. Pure pleasure filled every cell of my body, and my manhood was on fire with passion as it moved within November. Bodies pummelled, half-melting into each other.

I made a lunge at the tinker man but he was far too quick. The heartbeats pounded; the heat of passion skyrocketed seducde her.

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Do you think that is wise I asked? We were laid there for about two hours and I had just finished the picnic off when we were rudely interrupted by a man walking a dog. I took his wine Waterbury Connecticut roulette porno from him and rested it sedued on the table, grabbing his hand in mine and slipping my lips over the tip of his ring finger, slowly sliding it all the way down into my mouth, then just as slowly removing it, using my tongue to savour every inch while he watched on in startled delight.

But, above all, I'm terrified storues the man I love will find out that I slept with his best mate because I was asked to seduce him.

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Then it was over, and my wife November and I had never been closer before that moment, and have never been further apart since, because of the amazing sexual and emotional passion and pleasure we experienced. Richard relaxed.

I complained again saying we are going home. We began to moan with each thrust of our hips together. Then she lowered her hips, and she slowly engulfed my manhood fully, to the hilt.

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She had a brief shudder as she felt the physical impact of that last word. Disappointed, Chris agreed that we should probably never mention the night to Richard again. He flipped me over onto my back later and entered me storjes. Who surrendered to whom? His penis started to have an erection, growing very long and thick. His glowing attuned to the elements drew Selene in, and she absorbed it.

Resident in the UK. Her lips and tongue discovered every secret I held as a man. Shoulders were locked and then released.

Once again, they embraced deeply, arching their shoulders, thrusting their hips together and clinching their waists. There were too many years between them, but then there was the power of the other current. Then I sedjced to kiss her jaw and neck. She knew me completely; I belonged to her.

He couldn't believe he had betrayed his best friend. Through it I could see her beautiful, perfect curves, her breasts, her hips and butt.

The confession

Chris and his mate Richard had known each other since high school. They lay facing each other, stretched out on their towels, bodies tingling against the constrictions of their costumes. My boyfriend Chris was a kind and honourable man. The pleasure was sexual and emotional. The air was filled with passion seducee lust. I was not a happy bunny and asked him to leave.

I seduced the pizza guy (and had the best sex of my life)

This article was originally published at SheSaid. Our mutual thrusts quickened still.

At first she started to grunt like a pig, then howl. Then I could engage in some seductive small talk, batter my eyelids a few times, and make Richard feel special.

It was a hard day at work. An exception is being made for this very first contribution from a reader. She screamed as we thrust together, then I ed her, and we both screamed as our tongues and lips continued to intertwine themselves. His aloofness could be quite off-putting, so it wasn't any wonder he hadn't had a girlfriend in a while.

Real life: my boyfriend asked me to seduce his friend, but it went a lot further than flirting

We both grappled for what seemed ages, but my legs gave way and he won by having me down first. I stepped in.

So it came as a huge shock when he suggested one night that I should seduce his best friend. The voice of calm reason and maturity bade her to hold back from this heady temptation and run further along the beach. I couldn't believe that Chris would even want another guy looking at me — even if nothing was going to happen.