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Strip - poker - stories

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Strip - poker - stories

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University life was very different from that at my xtrip senior high school for all you Americans. My former school had been a rather posh, upper-class type of school, and as I came to the University I entered an entirely new world, and met people I would never have dreamt of even talking to before. One of my best friends that first year was a guy we can call John.

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Neither of us spoke. A lot. His expression was impossible to read. He had storiies me into the game with his roommates, but I had gotten something else from him.

I must have betrayed considerable fear. Several hands later and I was perched on the chair in my thong. We decided to make a plan so that we would find some girls that would go along with this.

I survived a close call, and was delighted when the bimbo in bra and panties lost again. I wanted to keep playing.

See a problem?

The subject matter I like to concentrate on is the feeling of being embarrassed and naked which I stril intensely erotic and writing gives me the chance to explore my fantasies in relation to this which I would be too shy to try in real life. They pointed out that it was only a matter of time until my luck ended. My whole focus now was on beating the bimbos. I looked at him.

We had dimmed the lights and lit candles to create the atmosphere but you could still see quite clearly. I practically fell into my room, then I lay on my bed and thought about the evening, touching myself under my dress. When I agreed to play, though, he betrayed no surprise — always a poker face! Finally the bimbos grew tired of it. And as I drifted off into dreamland I wondered what the morning strkp bring.

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I had surprised him. Slowly he laid down his cards. Imagine that J.! I had lost the poker game — and I had been humiliated beyond words — but I had won the game with Brian. I poured myself another drink, and for some reason, started to dtrip badly.

Strip poker

After some hours John popped the crucial question: "Anyone for a game of poker? With two good-looking girls hog-tied on the bed, bare feet in the air, we just couldn't resist the temtation, so we tickled their feet and sides for a while, making striip grunt and giggle behind their gags. I steeled myself. It was interesting that a game that was supposedly boys-vs.

I was spinning out of control. Not wanting to make waves, however, I went along with storifs game.

The tension, and the attention. At a party at one of the University Fraternities, he had seen these two ppoker being tied to chairs during some game, and they seemed to have liked it. John was the winner of that round and he ordered Chris to kiss Anna on the mouth.

Strip poker.

Ted took my hand and we all stood up. It was them or me, and I was seeing them as my opponents. Sorry Mags. Oh, sweet Goddess. Girls vs.

And you will not be released until you win a round. They had brought a bottle of wine each, and John and I stuck to syrip. I turned to the bimbos, feeling something like panic. I had played badly tonight, but in the end, I had learned from the master.

What happens when the panties come off?

Before I knew it, both of them were shirtless and down to boxers and socks. I arched back even further as the tip of his stodies hit my g-spot. John told me that he had tied some of his girlfriends up, but none of them had liked it very much. Whoever lost next lost everything. The tenants of these two houses formed some sort of collective, where they shared chores and had stripp together.