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Uckfield talk

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Health and Wellbeing There are many different mediums of support available to students at the College.

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The station broadcast during the Summer in support of the Festival by way of a day Restricted Service Licence for the following 7 years.

We encourage our students to ask for help when they need it and to not be afraid to let their pastoral teams know if they are worried about a friend. Pastoral leaders PALs The PALs are available txlk break and lunchtime and after college to talk to students about any worries or personal issues they might be having; these can be issues involving learning as well as family and relationship worries.

Uckfield Community Radio Limited was formed and the station moved into the current premises at Bird In Eye Farm during late and early These resources can be accessed here, via the tabs, or there are many texts available in the reading room as well as the Sixth Form library in the SFSA. Uckfiield temporary broadcasts took place on the same frequency.

On 28 Februaryduring the global coronavirus crisisUckfield FM allowed a supposed 'registered nurse' to deliver a 20 minute section on unproven theories about how 5G causes coronavirus. The 'registered nurse' was found to be a proponent of alternative medicine and did not have any medical qualifications whatsoever.

Talk: a victorian christmas

An ideal way to do this is by ing help uckfield. The final Restricted Service Licence broadcast took place during July Marsh returned in as part of the tributes to Terry Wogan alongside Mike Skinner Wogan had offered regular publicity during the early years of the station on Wake Up to Wogan.

The station currently holds a Community Radio Licence and does not operate as a commercial operation. Health and Wellbeing There are many different mediums of support available to students at the College. After multiple complaints uckield OFCOM, the station was warned for its actions and ordered to take actions for allowing unproven theories to be aired without guests being 'sufficiently challenged'.

During years, the station has broadcast live from Luxford Field in the town as part of 'The Big Day'. The summer broadcast of was the first to take place at the current location.

Full-time broadcasting - present [ edit ] Uckfield FM began broadcasting full-time at 1. These come in the form of both our pastoral support teams which are described in more detail here and a range of recommended resources which students can access.

A term of the licence is that the group are required to set out a of key commitments. The summer broadcasts at The Picture House during and featured live presenters 24 hours a day. BBC Radio 2 newsreader John Marsh lives locally and has been a long term supporter of uckfieeld station has been a guest a of times.